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This blog is an on-going work.

For now, my suggestion for reading this blog is:

The raw material is there (currently, PDF files). And I keep adding new items.

I approach this as I do everything - breadth-first, hierarchically, small bites.

I am evolving the blog and I learning what I want.

Next, I think, will be "playlists". I expect to create hierarchical trees pointing to articles that I think are related. I expect that the playlists will end up overlapping one another. I have had a hard time trying to decide where things go. The solution should be obvious (to me, at the least): use hierarchy and don't commit to only one view of the raw material.

There is no reason to stop others from creating playlists of this stuff (e.g. raw material, playlists of playlists, etc.).

For example, I think that I will have a playlist for PL design (programming language design), Accidental Complexities (I count some 40-ish of them), Structuring Software Development, Compiling Diagrams to Code, etc., etc.

As I learn more about what I want - and how - I will add a comments sections (RSS?).

For now, send comments and meta-comments to me. I welcome comments about the material and meta comments on how to structure this thing and what technologies are available to me.


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October 23, 2020

Articles - HTML Components Using AG

October 24, 2020

Articles - Structured Concurrency





PEG Cheat Sheet

PEG Cheat Sheet